Competitive Edges
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  • Vertical integration

    Over the years, it has been sticking to the company concept characterizing ‘quality in advance and customers at top priority’, providing what customers need, sating customers’ demands, putting quality in the core, keep a watchful eye on quality, elevate yield rate, and provide conforming products and satisfying services, as customers’ satisfaction is the perpetual fountainhead for continuous development.
  • Technology support

    Thanks to its unique model of ‘research, development and marketplace’, industrial technological experience accumulated out of years-long servicing of domestic and overseas famed brands and trustworthy technological competence, the products grow lighter and thinner with narrower frame and bigger size. With continuous learning and progress, it has been providing qualified technological support to customers.
  • Quality&service

    It has successfully aggregated panel, touch screen and casing product lines, formed alliance with the powerful and banked on it to set up competitive edges based on the industrial chain. By drawing on configuration of upstream and downstream resources, it has attained maximum cost and efficiency, provided convenience to customers and reached the effects of mutual win.


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