Core Values
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Denotation of Firstar

Firstar denotation: the sparks of fire can start a big fire

People in Firstar have tenacious vitality and hearty aspiration and would not easily cave in despite severe environment and tribulations. The triumphant experience that Firstar goes from strength to strength best accounts for the faith.

Core value concept

It makes regulations in progress and upgrades itself in adjustment.

The progress of corporate development is, in essence, a process that utilizes the ever-changing objective circumstances and accepts ‘self-negation and self-optimization’ from deep down the consciousness. It is a spirally-progressing thinking mode. We should continuously activate the engine body, and preserve in the basic management philosophy that no progress is yielded without innovation. With step-by-step accumulation day in and day out, we are seeking for continuous progress and fending off arrogance and irritation.


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